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Friday, February 23, 2018


Kairos Palestine advocates not only for Palestinian Christians but for the cause of all Palestinians. The overall aim of Kairos Palestine’s advocacy work is to convey the messages of the Kairos Palestine document locally, regionally and internationally.
- Awareness raising about the (Christian) Palestinian cause: Kairos Palestine offers solid statements, explanations, case studies and sources, not only on the website and via social media, but also in the form of printed publications, available at our office.
- Alerts and appeals: Kairos Palestine tries to motivate people all over the world in order to mobilize their church-related networks in forming joint positions, statements and actions that show active solidarity with Palestine and/or to lobby their governments to adopt more positive positions on Palestine.
The main, bi-annual publications are the Christmas Alert and the Easter Alert, where Kairos Palestine cooperates closely with different esteemed Palestinian human rights organisations. Together, they raise awareness about the impacts of the Israeli occupation on the Palestinians in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, and call for actions. With these publications, churches around the world should be encouraged to remember the Christmas and Easter season by mentally coming and seeing the hurdles to peace as well as to encourage them to take concrete actions.
- Meeting with and talking to Pilgrimage-groups and delegations: Representatives of Kairos Palestine frequently meet with pilgrimage groups and delegations from all over the world. The aim is not only to introduce them to the Kairos Palestine document, but also to raise their understanding for the situation of Palestinians and in particular, Christians under Israeli occupation. Furthermore Kairos Palestine promotes responsible and transformative pilgrimages to Palestine. The aim is not only that pilgrims and delegations to the Holy Land are familiar with the guidelines of “Come and See” and the Code of Ethics, but also follow and promote them.
- Advocacy and speaking tours worldwide: Since the launch of the document, co-authors, staff members and supporters of the Kairos Palestine document have traveled all over the world to give lectures and conduct workshops at conferences, meetings and assemblies about the Kairos Palestine document and the movement if has developed into.
- Advocating for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) within churches, parishes, congregations: Kairos Palestine supports the global campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions; because we believe it is a just, nonviolent and peace-seeking tool. By advocating for BDS, Christians worldwide should be mobilized to engage in, at least one or more of BDS activities and objectives, and to investigate the investment funds of their churches in order to put nonviolent pressure on companies and governments through adopting advocacy campaigns for BDS. (Annex: PDF-File of Church-related Economic measures)


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